What to do Immediately following a Motor Accident

after-accidentWhat to do immediately following a Motor Accident.

  • In the case of a major accident, call the police immediately!
  • Mark the position of the vehicles at the point of impact and use your cell to take photos from various angles.
  •  If there are no serious personal injuries, remove your vehicle to the side of the road if possible to allow the free passage of traffic .

Exchange the following information with the other party involved:

• Driving permit number

• Insurance certificate of the vehicle.

Take down the following information from the Certificate(s) of Insurance:

• Insurance Company of other party

• Policy/Certificate Number(s)

• Name(s) of Owner(s) of the vehicle(s)

• Period of Insurance (and expiry date)

• Any other information in respect of the names of persons permitted to drive.If possible, obtain the names, addresses and telephone contact numbers of any witnesses in any other vehicle/vehicles and any other independent witnesses to the accident.

DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY. It is a condition of your Policy that you do not accept liability for the accident. You should therefore comply with the terms of the insurance policy.

  • Secure your vehicle and do not leave it unattended.
  •  Call for a tow vehicle if your vehicle cannot be driven and have it taken to a garage, safe place or your home.
  •  Report the accident to the nearest Police Station and ensure that it is properly recorded in the Station Diary.
  •  Provide a full account of the accident and the names of witnesses and ensure that the police officer has taken the information

 accurately.

 Read the statement for accuracy.

  •  Take note of the police officer’s nameand badge number.

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