The Association of Caribbean Commonwealth Loss Adjusters

The Association Of Caribbean Commonwealth Loss Adjusters

Following several meetings amongst the Founding Members, Mr. Doyle, Mr. Rosemin, Mr. Zoé and Mr. Murray, The Association of Caribbean Commonwealth Loss Adjusters was officially registered in September 2003 under the Companies Ordinance as a non-profit organization. At that time, a Constitution, Articles of Association and Bye-laws were adopted.

Between 2003 and early 2004 the official logo and code of ethics were also constituted and Membership Application forms were circulated to all Adjusters registered under the Insurance Act, 1980.

There are seventeen Registered Adjusters in the Association.

In accordance with Article 2 of the Constitution the main objectives of the Association is ‘to promote the development of the Loss Adjusting Profession through education and the strict observance of a code of conduct approved by the Association.’


  • To create dignity and invite a feeling of high regard to the business and profession of Insurance Loss Adjusting.
  • To serve the business of insurance by the proper handling of claims and losses.
  • To conduct ourselves at all times in a manner that commands respect and confidence.
  • To promote goodwill toward the business of insurance by unvarying attitude of fairness, competence, integrity, and proper respect for all persons with whom we have dealings.
  • To approach investigations and adjustments with an unprejudiced and open mind.
  • To make truthful and unbiased reports of facts as we find them.
  • To resist influences tending to provide improper and extravagant settlements and serve our clients fearlessly.
  • To avoid improper alliances.
  • To render the highest quality of service.
  • To work in harmony with one another and our clients to foster cordial relationships among ourselves and the insurance fraternity.
  • To refrain from dealing directly with any claimant known to be represented by an attorney without the attorney’s knowledge.
  • To abide by all the principles associated with fair insurance claims adjusting practices.
  • To provide the companies relying upon the facilities of insurance loss adjusting, the best, most reliable and valuable type of adjusting service possible.
  • To guide the activities of those engaged in the insurance loss adjusting field so that the highest ethical standards will be encouraged and maintained.
  • To collectively conduct ourselves to protect the business of insurance loss adjusting against any form of activity found to be unjust or detrimental to the insurance fraternity.



The goals for the Association in the near future are:

  1. To encourage all registered Adjusters in Trinidad and Tobago through moral suasion to come under the umbrella of The Association of Caribbean Commonwealth Loss Adjusters.
  2. To make representation to all the major players in the Industry as the single voice of the Adjusting Fraternity.
  3. To actively pursue ongoing education and training for all members to keep abreast with all the recent advancement in technology.
  4. To continue to work closely with Central Bank to address all concerns affecting Adjusters in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Association of Caribbean Commonwealth Loss Adjusters may be contacted at Cariclaims Office at 625-9080, 623-8401 or 627-5693 and email address