Record keeping for pain free claims

In order to make an insurance claim, you must be able to prove your loss by providing documents as evidence. You should keep the following documents (off-site where possible) to prove ownership of property and provide evidence of loss.



  • Documentary proof of ownership (deeds, wills, letter of administration, invoices)
  • Copy of the last valuation report.
  • Details of significant building renovations (receipts etc) since last valuation report.
  • In the absence of a valuation, a copy of the building plans, a detailed description
    of the building (e.g. number of floors, number/square footage of rooms), photos
    of interiors and exterior.


  • List of contents and/or photos of contents (held offsite)
  • List (photos) of Electronic equipment – model and serial number

A record of stock (with a copy held offsite), established by :

  • Copies of Sales Records and Purchases
  • Stock count and/or Computerised inventory
  • Three years audited accounts
  • Bank Statements

Public Liability (Hospitality Industry)

  • Record of Guests Names, arrival and departure dates, room assignments.

Workmen’s Compensation – Casual workers

  • Receipt book or petty cash vouchers signed by casual workers
  • Copies of cheques/receipts from maintenance people

Workmen’s Compensation – Temporary/Permanent employees

  • Details of each employee’s wages on a weekly/monthly basis including overtime


  • List of customers’ cheques (list and cheques to be kept separately from cash)
  • Record of details of cash (amount and currency) held at the end of the day
  • Copy of receipts
  • Copy of completed deposit slip when a deposit is being made (make up deposit before leaving for the bank)

Loss of Income/Loss of Profit

  • Three years audited accounts
  • Bank statements (preferably from separate business account)/income statements
  • Current year’s budget/reservations
  • Receipts for expenses
  • Record/proof of wages paid