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Insurance Basics – The Proposal

Completing a Proposal Form Its more important than you think  By Ramnarine Mungroo LLB (Hons) LPC, ACII  Attorney-at-Law & Chartered Insurance Practitioner  In arranging for insurance coverage, the proposer is under a duty to

Importance of plan administrator

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS – THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PLAN ADMINISTRATOR Our corporate customers understand that good benefit plans are key for employee retention.  Many executive hours are

First Flood Early Warning System

Diego Martin Regional Corporation Activates First Flood Early Warning System (By Jerry David, Disaster Management Coordinator of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation)  The Disaster Management Unit of

Employment Practices Liability

While Trinidad companies, particularly small and medium enterprises, have been slow to recognize the need for Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) insurance, the number of


Between January 26th and 28th , our island got a little shaken up by a swarm of earthquakes – over 22  – recorded at a magnitude ranging from 3.8 to 5.1.   Earthquake swarms are clusters

Cybercrime. Is your business next

Some high profile cybercrimes made the news in October including the hacking of the US President’s website and a regional conglomerate’s network. But do small