Insurance Brokers Association of Trinidad and Tobago


ibattThe Association of Insurance Brokers, which was established several decades ago, adopted a revised Constitution and Bye-laws on February 26, 1987.


Some of the main objects of the Association are:

a. To promote and encourage the conduct of insurance broking business with integrity and good faith and in accordance with high professional standards of performance.

b. To promote and encourage co-operation and communication between members.

c. To sponsor and encourage programmes of research and education for the benefit of its members and the public.

d. To promote and encourage among its members policies and practices conducive to the social, economic and cultural development of the peoples of Trinidad & Tobago.

e. To promote and encourage co-operation and affiliation between the Association and other sectors of the insurance industry.


The Association is governed by a Code of Conduct, which states that its members shall at all times:

 Discharge their responsibilities competently and with utmost good faith, honesty and integrity.

 Act in the best interest of their clients.

 Exercise reasonable care and skill.

 Comply with fiduciary obligations to their clients, including

1. avoiding conflicts of interest

2. if a conflict of interest does occur, disclosing that conflict as soon as it is reasonably practicable

3. disclose fees, commissions or other remuneration or benefit to the Insured if so requested

4. maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ records and other

 Comply with the requirements of all legislation applying to their business

 Maintain all records required by law and comply with all requirements for production of, access to or copying of such records

 Provide such information as may be legally required by any regulatory or other authority

 Avoid misleading representations in their advertising. information

The Association of Insurance Brokers (Trinidad & Tobago) may be contacted through its Secretary- Nizam Mohammed (telephone: 1-868-695- 2259; e-mail: