Our Services

Our Services

In an era of increased awareness of technological advances in management,business, communication and marketing, excellence in strategy formulation and management is a necessity for high performance businesses.   We help our customers reach their pinnacle.  Offering complementary expertise- not a duplication of existing resources – RMS provides cost- effective and profitable Insurance and Risk Management solutions.

Client Advisory Services 

As leaders and pioneers in this field, it is our duty to provide clients with sound technical advice on their insurance needs, including the scope of coverage required and the policy terms and conditions. We also recommend the relevant insurance carriers for the placement of risks.  Our dedicated network of trained professional support staff ensures continuit in the day to day handling and administration of all aspects of our clients’ insurance portfolios.

Insurance Marketing

This primary function is carefully addressed as it entails accurate client advice and expedient communication.  We only deal with those insurers that meet or exceed RMS’s stringent annual financial benchmarks for determining the quality and security of diverse products.  We remain the only local broking firm to provide consistent comprehensive information services through our publication of ReCover which we have been producing for over a quarter or a century.

Analysis of Insurer’s Financial Results

In order to ensure that the security provided by the underwriters of our clients’ business is satisfactory, RMS conducts regular financial tests on local insurance companies.  We also satisfy ourselves that the companies who provide our quotations meet the requirements of the Insurance Acts of the respective territories.

Risk Analysis and Evaluation

RMS conducts risk analysis and  evaluation  studies to identify and measure the potential magnitude of loss exposures and to assist in factoring risk costs into future business and operating programmes including:

  • The identification and extent of physical damage
  • Business Interruption impact
  • Third party liability loss estimates for planning and insurance purposes
  • Development of underwriting information for presentation to the market
  • Development of disaster recovery plans per location, and establishment of contingency arrangements.
  • Conducting Risk Management Audits of facilities to evaluate the adequacy of operational safety systems and procedures, protection systems and the management of these systems.

Claims Management

Our claims management process is handled with professionalism and clarity to include the following services:

  • Record of incidents on our own designed  online Comprehensive Insurance Brokerage System (CIBS).
  • Reference to all relevant documentation of incidents from report forms to photographic evidence.
  • On-site investigation assistance.
  • Negotiation  of claims including assessment of liability and quantum.
  • Co-ordination / mediation with third party experts e.g. solutions physicians, loss adjusters, engineers, reconstruction experts and repair networks.
  • The provision of regular claims reports containing situational analysis of details and executive summaries

Our Employee Benefits Unit

RMS maintains a specialist employee benefits unit that provides design, placing, marketing and administrative services in the Domestic and Regional Group Life, Individual Life, Long Term Disability, Travel and Health insurances.  Our major strength is providing out mid-sized and large corporate clients with a range of solutions to help them optimize business process efficiency.  Apart from our transactional broking services, we provide specialist- consulting services in: –

Plan Design, Financial Analysis and Contract Renewals

Retirement Planning

Survey Data/ Research

Market Negotiation