Our Philosophy

We believe that a Broker who expects to maintain a leadership position in today’s environment must be fully prepared to address – in a meaningful and creative way- the new issues and options that face today’s clients.  We have had several market innovations and our ability to proactively embrace if not lead the way to the future is in part responsible for our continued success.

RMS places its customers’ interest first and foremost, responses positively to our customer’s needs and willingly provides value added services. We put excellent service before earnings. 

We recognise that we exist because of our clients.  We are also aware that they will only remain our clients to the extent that they perceive that we add value.  Quite often that value flows simply from the greater ease of doing business with us as compared to other service providers.  The RMS advantage lies in our size, we remain lean and focused so that the economies of scale will not work against us, compromising our efficiency and speed.

Since our formation in 1978 we have consistently strived to deliver the highest standard and quality service to our clients.  The insurance market is very competitive and on the surface many brokers appear to have comparable skills however we identified several critical areas of service requirements which we have employed over the years in order to meet the needs and challenges of the wide cross section of clients.  This represents our business philosophy and approach, and which we believe clearly set us apart from our competition.


RMS has been at the forefront of several market innovations and it is this ability to embrace and frequently lead the way into the future.

We have lead several market innovations and our ability to proactively embrace if not lead the way to the future is in part responsible for our continued success.  Some of our notable achievements are: –

  • First to employ full time loss control officers
  • First to introduce a Comprehensive Industrial All Risks policy
  • First to develop a Risk Management Loss Funding Programme
  • First to computerize all operating systems
  • First to publish a newsletter on insurance matters – ReCover- now it its 28th year of publication
  • Annual analysis of financial data on local insurance companies
  • Employment of a full time insurance trainer

 Our Use of Technology 

Our thorough understanding and bold use of technology provides us with a distinct advantage in the delivery of superior customer service.  Of all the distinguishing factors, this clearly sets us apart from other broking firms and serves and the common link among our wide-ranging services.

Our own Comprehensive Insurance Brokerage System ( CIBS) and Employee Benefits Information System ( EBIS) manage RMS’s core business.  Both these solutions are Oracle based technologies, robust, custom designed and refined over the years to meet the changing needs in the Insurance Industry.


Code of Ethics

As part of our Corporate Policy we developed a Code of Ethics and Values Policy that all employees are mandated to follow.  We do not care how results are achieved and will demonstrate honest and ethical behaviour in all our activities.  We maintain the highest professional and personal standards since a well founded reputation for scrupulous dealing is a priceless asset.

24- Hour Service 

To ensure that our clients are able to contact us at any hour, our system incorporates the use of voice mail.  Messages can be left at any time for any of our Account Executives.  All messages are cleared at 9:00 am each day, ensuring prompt attentions to all our client’s requests.  In the case of emergencies, your designated Account Executive, the named alternate Executive and/ or the Managing Director, can be contacted through G4S Security Services Limited.  Their contact number as well as the home telephone number of your designated Account Executive will be provided once we are appointed as your Broker.


Value Added Services

Analysis of Insurer Financial Results

In order to ensure the security provided by underwriters of our clients’ business is satisfactory.  RMS conducts regular financial tests on local insurance companies.  We also satisfy ourselves so that the insurance companies who provide our quotations meet all the requirements of the Insurance Acts of the respective territories.

Consulting Services

RMS also offers consultancy services in the field of Alternative Risk Financing. This practice is lead by our Management Director, Mr. Christian Low in collaboration with our overseas correspondents and includes:

Captive Feasibility Analyses

Self- Insurance Programmes

Retention Assessments

Other Risk Financing Studies


Education and Training

Risk Management Services Limited firmly believes in keeping our clients educated and informed.  Since our formation, we have held information sharing sessions for clients and conducted client specific training sessions.  Our focus in these sessions is on topics that have widespread appeal or in emerging risks.

ReCover Magazine

We are the only local broking firm to publish comprehensive insurance information and the results of our Security Testing exercise.  Since 1985, our ReCover publication has been distributed locally and internationally.  It features topics affecting the regional insurance industry and we highlight current matters – providing our readers with well researched and qualified opinions as part of our demonstrated commitment to educationing our clients on insurance and reinsurance matters.