About Us

Vision and Mission

Our Mission Statement

To provide effective and efficient Risk Management and Insurance related services whilst providing rewarding experiences to our employees and other stakeholders.

Our Vision Statement 

To be the Insurance Broker of choice in the Caribbean by providing innovative solutions to our customers through our quality standards of integrity, skill, insight and experience.



The Symbol of the Knight

The Knight- a versatile, powerful piece in the game of chess.

When used with skill, insight and experience, it has that unique ability to manoeuvre, penetrate and attack impregnable positions, where no other chess piece can- including the formidable Queen. It is this ubiquitous attacking quality – especially the hands of a seasoned player which makes the knight one of the most feared pieces on the chessboard. Throughout history the knight has upheld a code of honour- to live a life of integrity.

These qualities- integrity, skill, insight and experience– are at the foundation of our services to our customers.

The symbol of the Knight is a registered trademark of Risk Management Services Ltd.



About Us

Risk Management Services Limited ( RMS ) was formed in January 1978 as a subsidiary of the Neal & Massy Group to address the Insurance and Risk Management needs of its widespread assembly, retail, transport and financial business interests.  Since then, RMS has expanded through several strategic alliances in the field of insurance broking and in the area of business and risk management consulting.  We now serve a wide range of Private, Public and Multinational entities in manufacturing, oil and energy and service industries in the Caribbean.

RMS has been the Broker to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago since 1990 and this had been maintained only by virtue of our continuous high integrity, skills and energy in the delivering service.  RMS also spread geographically through the maintenance of correspondent relationships in Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana and the Eastern Caribbean.

In 2002, RMS became a 100% owned subsidiary of Guardian Holdings Limited as it pursued its aggressive acquisition strategy.  With the announcement of changes in insurance legislation in 2006, GHL agreed for a management buyout of RMS’ shares.


The RMS Value Proposition
Managing Your Risks

♦ We maintain a generous employee/client ratio to ensure our customers receive optimum service

♦ Our Account Executives handle their customers’ claims to ensure full and prompt settlements

♦ We maintain in-house technical resources to ensure that our employees have immediate support for unusual or emerging issues

♦ We are the only broker who conducts an annual financial analysis of insurers to ensure that insurers can meet their obligations

♦ We are the only broker to produce a quarterly newsletter that keeps our customers informed about the insurance issues that affect them

♦ We incorporate insurance and risk management education and training for business clients

♦ We provide Group insurance plans for employees of business clients

♦ We conduct quarterly performance audits on insurers and employees to ensure that customers’ service expectations are met



The Broker Difference:

♦ We represent our customers, not the insurance company

♦ We market our customer’s risk to the insurance market vs selling one insurer’s products to the client

♦ We recommend extensive coverage at the best price at the preferred insurance companies

♦ We advise our customers on how to best manage their risk exposures

♦ We help customers understand their cover

♦ We ensure customers receive full, expedited claims settlement.



Our Directors

Chairman- Mr Peter Ganteaume FCCA, is the former Group Cheif Executive Officer of Guardian Holdings.  A former Executive Chairman of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Mr Ganteaume sits on the board as Guardian Holdings, RBTT Financial Holdings, First National Bank of Aruba and Union Bank, Jamaica.

Managing Directors- Mr. Christian Low ACII, has been in the insurance industry for over 27 years including 5 years working in the UK Insurance Market with the firm Hogg Robinson.

Executive Director- Mr Robin Ragoonath B.Sc.; MBA – Director – Corporate Services.

Director – Mr. Kelvin R. Mootoo ACMA; CA (TT)

Director- Janine Low – B. Sc.; Dip. FM.

Director- Roger Bolai holds a BA Economics; Dip Bus. Adm.; EXMBA



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Emergency Nos. 623 0554; 624 1126; 624 8273